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Fewer ingredients, louder flavors. Inspired by the award-winning column on Food52 and named one of the best cookbooks of the year by The Washington Post, Big Little Recipes features whoa-worthy dishes in five, four, three...or, yep, even two ingredients.

“These are recipes for everyone to make every day—they’re bright, simple, smart, and fun. Big Little Recipes is chockablock with exciting dishes and such good ideas for getting a bushel of flavor out of a handful of ingredients.” —Dorie Greenspan

“Emma’s big little recipes are exactly that—vibrant eruptions of flavor lovingly wrapped in a tiny package of just a few ingredients. These approachable dishes are easy to cook through, allowing you to pick up helpful gems to carry with you every day. She is also a woman after my own heart, creating the ultimate BLT by turning it into the salad of my dreams.” —Sohla El-Waylly

“Marvelously rich in flavor and brimming with splendid ideas! In this book, Emma shares her remarkable repertoire of kitchen wisdom through recipes that will surely build confidence in the cook.” —Nik Sharma

“This fundamental guide proves that cutting down the grocery list doesn't have to mean cutting down the flavor.” —Publishers Weekly

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